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Writing Prompt: Tell Me Your Baseball Stories

Back for 2017…a Baseball Special! Send your work now.

2017 Deadline is Wednesday, March 15


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I thought the arrival of baseball season was a big event in my life, but it turns out I have nothing on the fandom of my toddler. He has been waiting for this. He may not know about pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training last week, but he does know about sunshine and that it’s time to go outside and play “Bat-Ball.”

In his honor and also because I love it, we would like to release a baseball opening day special episode and we thought that you, the listeners, might have some baseball stories to share. So send them and let’s get this season started!

Here’s the way this works:

  • Send your 1,000 word or less fiction or nonfiction baseball stories (will also accept poetry)
  • Make sure they are your own work (plagiarism is bad karma)
  • Email them to or leave them on the listener feedback line at…

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Meet Episode 76 Contributor Arden Wren Sawyer

Arden first joined us on Episode 53. They are back to introduce a very special segment to Episode 76 and I am so excited to share it with you. Welcome back, Arden!

Arden Wren Sawyer is a student and artist from Philly. They are working on a BFA at RISD and learning how to blow glass. Currently they are traveling and writing. Aside from the piece already featured on No Extra Words last July, Arden has had a piece published in Pidgeonholes Magazine, and another piece is slated to appear in Deadlights Magazine come April.

Happy listening,


Episode 75: Be Just Like Him

Copy of FLASH

No one knows life in the ring like “The Undercard.” By David Whippman, copyright 2000, used with permission. Read David’s bio.

“First a Woman Then a Man” is a fictional story about the real-life Guevedoce of the Dominican Republic. By Justin Fenech, copyright 2016, used with permission.Visit Justin’s website or read more about the Guevedoce.

Writing Spaces returns this episode featuring two more previous No Extra Words contributors. Korey Wallace was featured on Episode 52. Click here to see his writing space. T.J. Peters was featured on Episode 43. Click here to see his writing space.

Happy listening,



Meet Episode 75 Contributor Justin Fenech


Justin Fenech is an author from the Mediterranean island of Malta. He is the author of the novel Too Many Sparrows In Zaragoza and several short stories published in local and international reviews. He is also a travel writer and tour guide whose literature is inspired by the lows (poverty, oppression, religious dogma) to the highs (food, drink, philosophy, music, science) of human existence. For a sampling of his work follow his blog at:

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Segment Returns for Episode 75: Korey and T.J.’s Writing Spaces

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth repeating, right? This week, two more No Extra Words contributors share with us where they write.

Korey Wallace’s short story was featured on Episode 52. He tells us about this unique space:


T.J. Peters shared his short story back on Episode 43. He tells us about reclaiming this space from junk to writer’s treasure:


Happy listening,


Special Episode #11: The Twitter Episode: The Job

Twitter Special_ The Job.png

This episode was originally released on Twitter to commemorate 1,000 Twitter followers. So grateful to all of the people who interact with the show, on social media and off.

“How May I Help You?” is by Kris Baker Dersch, copyright 2015. Inspired by the #FridayFlash hashtag, which I won’t link because some people…don’t use it as intended.

Another new segment! “Social Media Snippets,” as inspired by Episode 14 contributor Jake Bible and his fun podcast “Writing in Suburbia.”

How many times have you been asked to “Please Hold?” By Genelle Chaconas, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Genelles’ bio.

Always always always hold on to your “Passport.” By Marina Rubin, copyright 2008, used with permission. Visit Marina’s website.

I want to be the customer service rep who reads this “Complaint Letter to Bloomingdale’s Cosmetics Department.” By Sally Stevens, copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Sally’s website.

Happy listening,


Meet Episode 75 Contributor David Whippman

Sometimes I edit the author bios that come to me in first person. Others, like this one, seem to sum up that particular author perfectly, so I leave them alone.

I am in my 60s, British. Till retirement, I worked mainly in healthcare, which has inspired some of my writing. I write poetry and articles as well as fiction. Writing has always been my main hobby; the others include chess and playing harmonica.

Happy listening,


Meet the Special Episode Storytellers

Special Episode #11 is live on Twitter right now! Head over there to hear it, or it will be released through all our usual channels on Monday. Let me tell you a little bit about the talented contributors who made it possible.

win_20160730_18_22_05_pro-2Genelle Chaconas is genderfluid, queer, feminist, partially employed, over 30, an abuse survivor, and proud of it. They are a 2015 MFA Writing and Poetics graduate of Naropa University. Their first chapbook is Fallout, Saints and Dirty Pictures (little m Press, 2011). Their work has been published or is forthcoming in The New Engagement, A3, Sonora Review, Olentangy Review, Fjords, WomenArts Quarterly, Jet Fuel Review, Burningword, Exposition Review, Milkfist, Image OutWrite, Menacing Hedge, Crack the Spine, Dirty Chai, Third Wednesday, Crab Fat Magazine, Bombay Gin, Calaveras Station, Late Peaches: Poems by Sacramento Poets and others. They are a volunteer submission reader with Tule Review and hosted Red Night Poetry.

img_6588Marina Rubin’s work had appeared in over eighty magazines and anthologies including Asheville Poetry Review, Dos Passos Review, 5AM, Nano Fiction, Coal City, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Lillith, Pearl, Poet Lore, Skidrow Penthouse, The Worcester Review. She is an editor of Mudfish, a literary and art magazine. She is a 2013 recipient of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship and the author of the critically acclaimed flash fiction collection “Stealing Cherries.”


sally2Sally Stevens is a regular here on No Extra Words, having been with us previously on Episode 40, Episode 50, and Episode 54. She is a singer, lyricist and choral director working in film & television in Hollywood. Her short fiction and poetry have been included in Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal and Mockingheart Review. Her song “Who Comes This Night?” (Music, Dave Grusin) was recorded by James Taylor in his first Christmas CD, and her song “There Is Time” (Music, Burt Bacharach) was recorded by Burt and the Houston Symphony in his album Woman. She also sings the Main Titles of the Fox animated TV Shows The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Happy listening,


Episode 74: Ain’t as Good as it Once Was

Copy of FLASH

Never has a family been so in need of “Healing Time.” By Paul Beckman, copyright 2015, used with permission. Visit Paul’s website.

“Suebelle’s Homecoming” may not be all it’s cracked up to be. By Helen Grochmal, copyright 2014, used with permission. Read Helen’s bio.

People have the oddest way of telling you to “Stay Away.” By Thom Young, copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Thom’s website.

The rules all change when you reach “Autumn.” By Fred D. White, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Fred’s bio.

NEW THIS EPISODE, our Writing Spaces segment featuring two former No Extra Words contributors.

Sarah Mitchell-Jackson was featured on Episode 39 last March, Episode 67, and Special Episode #5. Click here to see her writing desk. Click here to see her library.

Edith Gallagher Boyd was featured on Episode 54 in July. Click here to see her writing space.

The bookstore I mentioned in this show was Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington.

Happy listening!


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