In the most recent edition of Poets and Writers magazine, when talking about the current market for literary fiction, the editor suggested that if a writer doesn’t find a good home for her/his own fiction, starting a literary magazine in 2015 is a pretty easy thing to do.  This is one of the things that inspired me to launch No Extra Words and now I am looking for other voices eager to share their stories.

If you’ve never submitted before, think of us.  If you are scared to share your writing, think of us.  If you are drowning in rejection letters, think of us.  I encourage you to take the brave step with me of putting your work out into the world to be shared.

You retain all rights to your work.  We will publish your bio and include a copyright notice in your name, or a Creative Commons license if you prefer.  No Extra Words never publishes the text of your story, and you can even choose to read it yourself for the podcast recording if you wish.  Any story under 2,000 words will be considered, but we are particularly looking for stories under 1,000 words, and there is no minimum.  If you have a 6 or 10 or 100 word story I would love to see it.

To submit your work, click on the Submit Your Story link at the top of the page for complete guidelines and submissions info.  And keep on listening…episode 3 of the podcast will be up on Friday!  We are now available FREE on iTunes and Stitcher.

Happy writing,