We love our contributors here at No Extra Words. We are who we are because of the stories we are able to share.

In the show notes for Episode 10 (scroll down) I ran some numbers on how things are going with the show. We have had over 65 people send us over 70 stories, which is amazing and flattering. I used to think when editors said “sorry it’s a great story but it just doesn’t fit right now” that they were lying to me. Now I do it all the time. It’s not a lie.

I want to give potential contributors this quick update so you know what is on the horizon and what we are looking for.

September and October are currently booked. We have such fantastic stuff coming that I don’t even know how to tease it properly. Click Get the Podcast and get yourself subscribed. Subscribing is absolutely free, no strings attached. It doesn’t put you on a mailing list and no commitment is required.

I have one, maybe two slots left in November and 4-5 in December. We are still reading and considering any and all flash fiction stories but, because of the particular needs of the holiday season, I am especially looking for fun, funny, and/or fantastical and family friendly stories. Not every story has to be all of that, but if you have something that fits that niche I would love to see it for December. For December specifically, I am also looking for a few shorter stories under 700 words (there is no minimum, we love microfiction.) Stories submitted for December do not need to be holiday themed (although holiday themed stories are welcome,) and should be submitted just like any other story.

Please read and follow the guidelines and instructions when you Submit Your Story so your work gets the full consideration it deserves, and thank you so much for thinking of us.

Why submit to us? Let me share what Lucy Mitchell said about her story on Episode 7:

There is something special about hearing a story being told. It always takes me back to my childhood, sitting cross legged on the carpet whilst listening to my teacher at ‘Storytime’…Kris at ‘No Extra Words’ has done a fab job and she has an amazing voice.

And these kind words from Cristina Querrer about Episode 9:

OMG!  Thank you so much for bringing life to my words.

Send us your story, won’t you? We would love to share it.

Happy writing,