I don’t usually post my own fiction on this blog. That isn’t really its purpose; I’m more trying to promote the podcast.

Today I’m going to make a rare exception. There’s a fantastic writing community on Twitter who use the hashtag #FridayFlash to share their short short stories, and I’ve been invited to participate. I love reading the stories, and I wanted to join in, plus I was inspired yesterday.

After a pretty rough day, I found myself having great appreciation for the service professionals. They deal with customers mad at their corporate bosses, they work with the public all day, every day, and they have to work hard and fast to keep the lines moving. Plus they have to be nice. You know these folks. They pump your gas, serve your food, flip your burgers, scan your groceries, and launder your shirts.

So, in their honor, here’s a piece of microfiction, a style I’m really just learning to do. It is 99 words long. And, yes, it is a story about the kind of week I had.

Enjoy! And watch this space for more info on the podcast.

Happy reading,


How May I Help You?

“How may I help you?”

“This doesn’t work.”

“Did you drop it?”

“It’s not my fault.”

“Have you contacted the insurance company?”

“You don’t do that?”


“What do you do?”

Wish I knew. I can’t contact insurance, I don’t control taxes, what’s broken I can’t fix, and I hate this company more than you do. I wish I could help, but I’m just the guy who works at the cell phone store.

“Can I speak to a supervisor?

“You bet.”

After eight hours, I go to text my buddy, tell him I’m gonna be late. Damn. No service.