This question was asked of me this week, and the answer is absolutely YES! Sure, I find flash fiction and seek out permission to use it and yes, I do feature some work of my own, but the vast majority of what we broadcast here is from our slush pile, and more all the time. Let me run the numbers for you.

June 2015: 1 contributor, solicited by editor. We were brand-new then; it was difficult to get submissions.

July 2015: 4 contributors, all solicited by editor. We were growing, but not there yet.

August 2015: 5 contributors, all from submissions. Watch us grow!

September 2015: 12 contributors, 9 from submissions. Now a regular weekly show.

October 2015, projected: 10 contributors, all from submissions

November 2015, projected: 8 contributors, all from submissions. Potential space available for more.

Total number of submitted stories accepted in 2015 (remember, we only launched at the end of May): 30, with space for more, and we are currently scheduling into 2016.

I wish we could take all stories submitted. No journal or publication could. But I am grateful for our slush pile, grateful for the chance to meet writers and showcase them in this way.

Send us a story, won’t you?

Happy writing,