I’m guest blogging this week over at the Almost Average blog. Thanks to Jason Nugent for the great opportunity, and I hope you all head over there and check it out. I always enjoy swapping ideas with fellow writers and podcasters…I’m also doing my first ever podcast guest appearance on the Happiness Mama podcast in a couple of weeks, so pretty excited about that, will have more information soon.

Here at NEW, we are busy little holiday bees…we do have a Thanksgiving episode coming next week, so later today or early tomorrow I will start releasing bios on those contributors. It’s a little bit different sort of Thanksgiving episode, about gratitude when times are tough, which I think fits the world we live in right now.

If you haven’t checked out our promo for the Christmas episodes, you should, it’s only 30 seconds long. Recording for those is underway and so much fun…they are light and funny, perfect for the holiday season. I hope you will enjoy them. Please note that they are going to run longer than our average episodes, so be prepared for that.

Looking forward to all that is ahead! Happy reading and happy listening,