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“Roller Blading in Venice” is by Julie Christine Johnson, making her second appearance on the No Extra words podcast. Her short story “Granny” was featured on Episode 23. “Roller Blading in Venice” is copyright 2015 and used with permission. For more information about Julie, including all the scoop on the launch of her debut novel, “In Another Life,” on February 1, please visit her website.

“Wholesale” is by Jeff Bakkensen, copyright 2015 and used with permission. Read Jeff’s bio here.

“Progress” is by Sean Antoniak, copyright 2015 and used with permission. Visit Sean’s website here.

“Grow, Jesus” is written and read for you by Gabriel Congdon. It is copyright 2015 and used with permission. If you enjoyed Gabe’s reading of “Grow Jesus,” you’ll love his YouTube channel.

This is Week 2 of Contributor Appreciation Month here on the No Extra Words Podcast, which means a lucky contributor is going to win our prize drawing. I had a chance to speak to Mary Alice Long, winner of the Week 1 drawing, and she was very excited. You’ll hear Mary’s story in three weeks as part of Episode 33. Contributor Appreciation Month is sponsored by channillo,com, so please head on over to their website and check them out. Also, be sure to find them on Twitter and thank them for sponsoring your favorite podcast.

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