We have been having a total blast this Contributor Appreciation Month, giving prizes to writers whose work has appeared on the show. But there is another group of people who have had just as large an impact on the success of this endeavor: our listeners and blog readers.

I do plan at some point on doing a Listener Appreciation Month, and this isn’t it, but I got an email yesterday from our Contributor Appreciation Month sponsor channillo.com with three free codes for my friends to try their service. This isn’t because I’m a podcaster or because they are a sponsor…it is just because they are awesome and want their subscribers to be able to pass the joy on to their friends.

So, my friends, if you have been waiting to try channillo.com, now is your chance. It’s not as nice of a subscription package as our featured contributors will win, but it’s super easy to get. Just send an email to noextrawords (at) gmail (dot) com, tell me why you like the show or like the blog and you get one. First come first served.

Channillo is asking me to share these with my friends, so you are being treated like friends on this one. If you email me, I pledge not to put you on any list or spam you with anything, ever. You can hold me to it.

The codes expire in a week, so I need to hear from you soon!

Happy reading,