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The world keeps spinning even when some are gone. Those of us who are left get to spin with it.

“Magic Palm” follows a family through the years of Red China as a young woman finds comfort in her grandmother’s words. By Kevin Brown, copyright 2008, used with permission. Read Kevin’s bio here.

“Doug” follows a young man whose potential is just that…potential…to see what he does or doesn’t do. By Mercedes Lawry, copyright 2013, used with permission. Read Mercedes’ bio here.

In “Balloon,” a tradition helps with a tough moment, but also brings back the memories of how it started. By Evan Guilford-Blake, copyright 2010, used with permission. Read Evan’s bio here.

Today we wrap up Contributor Appreciation Month with one final drawing for a writer to win a subscription to It has been a delight to honor our contributors and partner with Channillo. Thank you to everyone! I look forward to bringing you more about the winning contributors in the coming weeks and months.

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