I think I don’t say enough how grateful I am that writers send their work to us. Whether it ends up being a good fit or not, it is an honor to get to read work and to know that writers would trust their work in our hands.

We received 89 submissions from our call for poetry submissions. The original plan was to select 4 poems and include one in each episode released in April, but it was very hard to narrow it down that far, so we shifted some things around and made space for a few extra poems while still maintaining our core as a short story podcast. It was still a lot of rejections to send, though, and I am still recovering from that. But we have a lot to look forward to in April.

With the end of the poetry submissions, the April calendar is closed. Flash fiction submissions are still open and we are reading flash fiction right now for May and June. We would love to read your work!

Happy writing,