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March 2016

Meet Episode 39 Contributor Sarah Mitchell-Jackson

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Like Nels Hanson, Sarah was a winner in our Contributor Appreciation Month promotion, so a special episode all about her is coming soon!

Sarah Mitchell-Jackson writes poetry and short and long fiction. Her work has appeared in The Critical Pass Review, Really System and on The Conium Review website. Her debut novel, Ashes, is out later in 2016 published by Blue Moon Publishers. You can find more of her work at

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Meet Episode 39 Contributor Michelle Dotter


Michelle Dotter is an editor with Dzanc Books, and also works with other independent publishers on a freelance basis. Her work has appeared in The Molotov Cocktail. She lives in beautiful Colorado.

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Meet Episode 39 Contributor Francis DiClemente


(Photo credit: Susan Kahn)

When I contacted Francis during the recording process to make sure I was pronouncing his last name correctly, he told me it was like Roberto Clemente, so we got to have a nice baseball bonding moment. A great story to kick off this most original episode.

Francis DiClemente lives in Syracuse, New York, where he works as a video producer. He writes in his spare time and is the author of three poetry collections. His blog can be found at

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Episode 38: It Sounds like the Set-up for a Punchline

Copy of FLASH

Everything is in the timing.

In “Improvisation,” by Phillip Sterling, a guy walks into a bar. Where it goes from there you will have to listen and see. Copyright 2015, used with permission. Read Phillip’s bio here.

“Dial 116” provides a service you thought would be the greatest thing ever. And it might be. By Robert Lunday, copyright 2015, used with permission. Visit Robert’s website.

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Are you subscribed to the show? AND We’re coming to Spotify!

I found out today that the No Extra Words podcast will soon be available on Spotify! Very exciting. I wanted to take this opportunity to check in and let you all know WHERE and HOW to subscribe. But first, I want to tell you WHY.

Subscribing is the best way to make sure you always get our newest episodes as soon as they are released. While you can always listen via the website or our social media, subscribers are guaranteed the latest and greatest and closing a browser tab doesn’t boot you out of an exciting episode. It is absolutely the best way to listen on your mobile device and take us with you.

Subscribing never commits you. It is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time. iTunes and other podcast apps don’t provide subscriber info to podcasters. We never know who is on that list. Subscribing only benefits you.

So, where do you get us?

iTunes is still the most popular. You can get it on your computer or Apple device. On your iPhone there is a dedicated podcast app.

Stitcher is a great option for a variety of platforms. Great for streaming!

Podcast Addict is my personal favorite for Android devices. Be sure the “search the iTunes directory” option is selected to get the broadest listings possible.

We are coming soon to Spotify and TuneIn. Also, Google Play Music will begin offering podcasts, including us, soon.

There are dozens of other apps so you can check your app store and find exactly what works for you. Popular choices include Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Castro. If you don’t find us listed someplace, please let us know.

Subscribe today! And while you’re there, be sure to check out other great writing and indie podcasts. You may be surprised by what you find.

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Meet Episode 38 Contributor Robert Lunday

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Robert Lunday is the author of Mad Flights, published in 2002 by Ashland Poetry Press, and the forthcoming Gnome, to be published later this year by Black Sun Lit. He is a former Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center fellow, and was also a Stegner fellow at Stanford University. He has published flash fiction, poetry, and essays in Field, Word Riot, Pank, Tar River Poetry, Borderlands, Third Coast, The Beloit Poetry Journal, American Book Review, and elsewhere. Robert teaches for Houston Community College. He and his wife, Yukiko, live on a small horse farm in central Texas.

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Meet Episode 38 Contributor Phillip Sterling


Phillip Sterling is the author of In Which Brief Stories Are Told (short fiction), Mutual Shores (poetry) and four chapbook-length series of poems, the most recent of which, And for All This: Poems from Isle Royale, is a result of his August 2014 residency on Isle Royale as part of the National Park Service artist-in-residence program.  His story “” was winner of the 2015 Monstrosities of the Midway Contest. His story “Angels, We Have Heard” won the 3rd Annual Dickens Christmas Contest. Other stories can be found online at eleven eleven, Foliate Oak, and The Rusty Toque, among other places.

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Special Episode #3: Meet the Author: Nels Hanson

Back in January we had a Contributor Appreciation promotion, where we randomly drew four winners from our list of contributors. They received a prize from our sponsor, and the chance to have an interview feature on the show. Today I am delighted to bring you the first of those interviews.

Click here

This episode introduces you to Nels Hanson, whose story, by coincidence, was featured on last week’s episode. Nels and I were not able to connect directly, but he was kind enough to record his answers to my questions. It’s a fabulous insight into the inspirations of an author, especially after having just heard his story on the show.

I hope you enjoy this special feature, and stay tuned for a new episode with two short stories coming next week.

Please check out our Contributor Appreciation Month sponsor, your home for serialized literature online,

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Episode 37: In This Life

Copy of FLASH

“The Silver Horseshoe” takes us to a family farm where a fable has been told for generations. It has all the classic elements…a love that can’t be (in this life,) a hero, and, of course, buried treasure. Is the treasure lost…or do we find it? By Nels Hanson, copyright 1992, used with permission. A special episode featuring Nels Hanson is coming soon, stay tuned! Read his bio here.

In “Daydreaming,” love once wished for can be found. By Ashley Williams, copyright 2015, used with permission. Read her bio here.

Be sure to get your baseball stories to us by March 18!

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