Back in January we had a Contributor Appreciation promotion, where we randomly drew four winners from our list of contributors. They received a prize from our sponsor, and the chance to have an interview feature on the show. Today I am delighted to bring you the third of those interviews.

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Mary’s story “Wild Ones” appeared back on Episode 33 in February. She and I had a great chat about writing, reading, and inspiration. We tried to come up with a roller derby writing metaphor and totally cracked the code of the Star Wars franchise. I enjoyed chatting with Mary and hope you enjoy listening in.

Since our chat, Mary  has had two new pieces published she hopes you’ll check out. One is at weirderary and one is at Loud Zoo.

Please enjoy this special feature and tune in next week for Episode 44, where we play with the line between poem and story.

I hope you’ll check out our Contributor Appreciation Month sponsor, your home for serialized literature online,

Happy listening,