If you are a writer, podcaster, or other creative type, have you heard this one before?

“That’s so great! If I had the time, I would love to [write a novel, paint a picture, compose a sonnet, start a blog….]”

I want to say to them, yes, isn’t it great that my days have 26 hours in them? I feel blessed to be able to put that time to good use.

I’d be willing to bet you have at least one of these, probably more: a job, a kid, a family that demands things like food, an animal that needs to be walked, a house that needs to be cleaned, an elderly relative that needs your care, a business that you run, and the list goes on.

Busy-ness has become a competitive sport in this culture. I’m busier than you because I work more hours, have more kids, run my own business, and on and on and on. “Stay at home” parents envy their work outside the home counterparts that extra window of daycare time they have between work and home (they might even get to go to the grocery story alone!) while work outside the home parents wonder what they could accomplish if they didn’t have to have everybody dressed and out the door by 7:30.

Once upon a time I was recruited to a volunteer position last-minute due to a family tragedy of the original volunteer. “I know you don’t have the time,” the woman told me on the phone, “but I’ve learned to ask a busy person because someone who has the time will never do it.”

Newbery Award winning children’s book author Kate DiCamillo spoke to my students a few years ago and told them that she dreamed for years of writing until someone once told her it was time to stop talking about it and do it. So she wrote two pages a day. That is what she thought she could squeeze in. She’d work full-time, fulfill the other obligations she had by, you know, being a person, and then she would sit down and bang out two pages. The world is written two pages at a time.

So I salute you, you creators of time. Do not be ashamed for the “extra time” you have carved out to fulfill your dreams. Every single second of it is a sacrifice of something else, and a lot of the time that other thing is sleep. You prove every day by doing it that it can be done.

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Happy writing, creating, AND listening,