As I’ve mentioned before, this episode is about family and moms, so Rhonda was nice enough to share a little bit of her family in her author photo. This is her and her son Gannon. Usually we do our bios in third person, but Rhonda’s testimony is so excellent that I am leaving it as is.


I have been a freelance writer for over twenty years; my first book, Start The Car was published in 1998 and my second collection of poetry, Borrowed Time is pending 2016 – 2017 release. My son and I live in California for medical care, but we are originally from Chicago; I’ve lived in 45 states and three countries. Some of my publication credits are Frontiers, Wascana Review, Triggerfish, Rio, Sleet, Blue Bear Review, Freshwater, Houseboat and many other magazines, journals and anthologies. The light of my life is my son Gannon; I have never met a stronger, braver and wiser individual in my life.

Happy listening,