UPDATE: Summer schedule is busier than expected and so this special episode is on hold indefinitely, but do look for our regularly scheduled episodes.

Got an email a couple of weeks ago from someone asking if we were going to do a 2016 edition of the Summer Camp Episode. Hadn’t honestly thought about it, but what’s summer without camp?

This is me in my happy place…the Girl Scout camp where I have spent many spring and summer afternoons. A favorite camp song includes the line: “People in cities don’t understand falling in love with the land,” which sums it up pretty well. There’s a lot of us out there for whom a place like this figures into our summer memories. So, back by popular demand, a summer camp episode for 2016!

Last year the rules on this were very specific: what summer camp means to you in 25 words or less. Those are fantastic and I would love to read some, but this summer we are throwing out the rules! (The few times in my life when I have said that out loud at camp have either gone fantastically well or horribly wrong, there is no middle ground.)

So send us your camp memory, your campfire story, your original camp song, anything and everything summer camp related as long as it is under 500 words. That means it can be 10 words or 499, but no more. We must receive these no later than July 5. The turnaround is tight, but I know you can do it!

Email these to noextrawords@gmail.com with “camp story” in the subject line, or use the Contact Us page to leave us a voice mail or find us on social media. As with all our special calls for submissions, this episode is only as good as what you send us. We look forward to reading your stories!

Happy camping,