Tell me if this has happened to you:

I am in love with the story I am currently writing. When I make time to work on it, I feel like I’m sinking into it. The characters speak to me, I care how it turns out for them, and the whole thing feels like a yummy layer cake with moist, tantalizing layers.

Except, in the back of my head, there lives this other story. This one has been percolating in my imagination for awhile but required some research, some narrowing of scope, some pre-writing work. I’ve been working on that stuff on and off for awhile and am finally getting this story to the point that I know where the story begins and am ready to start outlining it.

I just can’t. I can’t do that to my current work-in-progress, because if I do the fear is I will get absorbed into the new project and my other project, my dear sweet wonderful work-in-progress project will wither on the vine and die.

I’ve toyed with non-monogamy, certainly, but I deal with issues of time, procrastination, and distraction, as I’ve mentioned before. I’ve put myself on deadline to finish the rough draft of the work-in-progress, and once the rough draft is done I will allow myself some time to do both…a second draft of one simultaneous with a first draft of the other doesn’t feel so unmanageable. But ask me in a month…we’ll see how I’m doing.

Are you a monogamous writer? Do you suffer with writer’s wandering eye and the guilt associated with it? Do you somehow manage to juggle? I would love to hear your stories.

Happy writing,