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November 2016

Episode 69: A Christmas Serial Remix Part 1

A Christmas serial

Starting with new content! Two people who start off one Christmas “Perfect Strangers.” By Connie Armstrong, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Connie’s bio.

We are pleased to bring you Part 1 of the four-part Christmas serialized story. Serialized fiction has a long, proud history, carried on this day by a number of sources including our friends at A Christmas Serial is by Kris Baker Dersch, copyright 2015.

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Meet Episode 69 Contributor Connie Armstrong

author headshot.jpg

Connie Armstrong, after spending many years raising three fabulous daughters, has recently rekindled her love of story. Currently, she has seven novels in various stages of development, some of which began during National Novel Writing Month. These novels range from Mystery and Historical Christian Romance to Fictionalized Historical accounts. A fascination at the moment is Flash Fiction competitions. She adores Shakespeare, Eudora Welty, Kurt Vonnegut, and the delightful G.A. McKevett. The multitude of characters still living in her head are pleased with her progress, frequently reminding her to write or they will be forced to make her head explode.

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Episode 68: Shiny

Copy of FLASH

It’s not unusual for family members to make things “Shiny.” By Tina Tocco, copyright 2013, used with permission. Read Tina’s bio.

We all take “Measurements” of the relationships in our life. By Ingrid Jendrezejewski, copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Ingrid’s website.

Is “The Singer” what she seems? By DeanJean Phng, copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit DeanJean’s website.

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Meet Episode 68 Contributor DeanJean Phng


DeanJean writes at, where she shares her poetry and fiction. This story is the first to be featured on another site, other than her own. She is presently hard at work at making her writing dream a reality. When not writing, she can be found skulking in libraries for the next great book. She currently resides in Singapore.

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Special Episode #8: A Tellabration ™ of Podcasts: Make Art

Copy of Flowers.png

Tellabration ™ is an international day of storytelling put on by the National Storytelling Network. Across the country and across the world, storytelling events large and small are put on, but to our knowledge No Extra Words’ storytelling event is the only all-digital Tellabration ™ event. We have invited podcasters large and small to tell their stories in their own special way to celebrate the audio storytelling done on podcasts every day.

Podcasters telling their stories on this episode are:

Links will take you to the podcast website or search for your favorite in your favorite podcast app.

Help and inspiration for my commentary came from Anne Lamott’s fabulous book Stitches: a handbook on meaning, hope, and repair.

Our thanks for help on this episode to our fabulous podcast hosting service Libsyn and to the community at She Podcasts.

The campfire sounds on this episode come to us from the Free Sound Project, user matucha, with our thanks.

As always, theme music for this episode is “Aria Variata” by Bach, played by Brandon Kinsella. It is in the public domain and comes to us courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

Every attempt was made to locate the copyright owners of the camp songs used, but no author was located.

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Meet Episode 68 Contributor Tina Tocco

It is awesome to be at a place with this show where we have regular contributors, and Tina has definitely been that for us. Her work was most recently featured earlier this month on Episode 65 and prior to that on Episode 23 and Episode 19. She was one of our Top Ten contributors for our first year. I am pleased to welcome Tina back with another of her wonderful short stories.

Tina Tocco’s flash fiction has appeared in New Ohio Review, Roanoke Review, River Styx, Crab Creek Review, Harpur Palate, Passages North, Portland Review, Italian Americana, and other journals. Her work for young readers can be found in various magazines, including Highlights, Cricket, Humpty Dumpty, and Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids. Tina was a finalist in CALYX’s Flash Fiction Contest (2013), the 3rd Place Winner in The Southampton Review’s Short, Short Fiction Contest (2015), and an honorable mention in the River Styx Schlafly Beer Micro-Brew Micro-Fiction Contest (2015). Her interview on flash and the craft of writing, “No Wasted Words,” appears in Roanoke Review. Tina earned her MFA in creative writing from Manhattanville College, where she was editor-in-chief of Inkwell.

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Meet Episode 68 Contributor Ingrid Jendrezejewski


Ingrid Jendrzejewski grew up in Vincennes, Indiana, studied creative writing at the University of Evansville, then physics at the University of Cambridge. Her work has found homes in places like Passages North, The Los Angeles Review, The Conium Review, The Liars’ League (London and NYC) and The Mainichi. Last year, she won Gigantic Sequins’ Flash Non-fiction Contest and the A Room of Her Own Foundation’s Orlando Prize for Flash Fiction; more recently, she received the Bath Flash Fiction Award. Links to Ingrid’s work can be found at and she occasionally tweets @LunchOnTuesday. When not writing, Ingrid enjoys cryptic crosswords, the python programming language and the game of Go.

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Episode 67: Its Own Rules in the World

Copy of FLASH

Some things are bigger than all of us. Some forces make their own rules.

A rough night may lead to some marks on “Stone Colored Pants.” By Paul Rousseau, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Paul’s bio.

Sometimes a “Storm” ruins everything. By Sarah Mitchell-Jackson, copyright 2011, used with permission. Visit Sarah’s website.

“April, Quakes in Kathmandu” is fiction based on a true story. By Anuja Ghimire, copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Anuja’s website.

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Meet Episode 67 Contributor Sarah Mitchell-Jackson

Sarah first appeared with us in March on Episode 39. She was also a winner of our 2016 Contributor Appreciation Month promotion, which meant I got to interview her for a special episode of the show. We are delighted to welcome Sarah back to the show with another great story.

image (14)(1).jpg

Sarah Mitchell-Jackson writes poetry and prose. Her work has appeared in The Critical Pass Review, Conium Review, Really System, Gravel Magazine and Firefly Magazine. She is also a past contributor to “No Extra Words” and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Find more information about SMJ and her work at

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