I am so thrilled to debut a new segment on this coming Friday’s episode! Past No Extra Words Contributors are going to tell you, in their own words and in their own voices, where they write.

Sarah Mitchell-Jackson is a regular around here. Her short fiction was featured on Episode 39 and Episode 67. She was also a Contributor Appreciation Month winner a year ago, complete with an interview feature on Special Episode #5. She’ll tell us about her writing space (a library!) this week, and if you listen closely you may hear her children, including her 9 week old son, in the background. Congrats to Sarah! This is her writing space:


Edith Gallagher Boyd’s short story, “The Opening,” was featured on Episode 54. Spoiler alert: another Writing Spaces segment featuring one of her fellow Episode 54 contributors is on its way soon. Edith tells us about her fairly new writing space this week:


Happy listening!