Copy of FLASH

Everyone’s on some kind of a journey today.

No border wall could ever keep out the “Dust.” By Patty Somlo, copyright 2009, used with permission. Visit Patty’s website.

Episode 67 contributor and poet Anuja Ghimire is our guest on the Poets’ Corner today. Born in Kathmandu and always seeming to visit her homeland in periods of great tumult, she tells us how poetry and place entwine in her life and shares with us some poetry. Read Anuja’s bio.

A brief encounter reveals so much of “The Fishermen of Dragon-Tooth Beach.” By Michael Paul Hogan, copyright 2001, used with permission. Read Michael’s bio.

Not all journeys are long or grand. Sometimes it’s the small distances that mean the most, like the search for the “Thrush.” By Norbert Kovacs, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Norbert’s bio.

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