Carol Conlogue’s pen name is Karly Rose and she enjoys writing in all forms. Here is one sample of a children’s story.

Elaine Bayless
Elaine Bayless

Elaine Bayless is a life coach, pastoral counselor, and Reiki Master in Raleigh, NC. She works with overwhelmed moms and over achieving perfectionists to help them create a delicious life of ease and joy. Elaine is a prolific writer, maintaining two blogs and publishing articles on elephant journal, Mind Body Green, and LinkedIn. In her spare time she bakes bread, reads, and gardens.

Clarissa Gosling is a mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter,

clari headshot
Clarissa Gosling


ex-librarian, home-maker, writer, and clarinetist, who likes photography, outdoors, learning, challenges and play! Currently in The Netherlands. Find her on Twitter @clarileia

Janet Hogan Chapman aka Georgia Janet

Janet Hogan Chapman’s alter ego is Georgia Janet. She a bohemian southern belle writer empowering strong women through poetry and prose. 

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