Adrienne Fraser lives in New York. She enjoys quiet walks with her dog as she day-dreams of the perfect plot twists to keep readers intrigued. Adrienne learns something new everyday, and she strives to push herself in becoming a better writer. You can find more about Adrienne at

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Michel Daw

Michel Daw (aka JGM Daw) is a teacher, husband, father, son, uncle, & brother.  He is an inveterate geek and SFF fan. His first full length novel, I Should Have Listened to My Cat, is undergoing final edits.

Bob Allen was frustrated as a writer when he wrote “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” in the 6th grade then found out that a movie of that name had already been made.

Bob Allen

He pursued other jobs and careers such as flower delivery driver, stand-up comic (where he met his wife), clown, actor, finally settling on Tool & Die Tech. After retiring he realized that his lifelong love of reading might give him an idea about what might make a good read, so he’s embarking on another try at putting words on paper in an entertaining way.

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