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May 2017

Meet Episode 81 Contributor Cara Lopez Lee

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Cara Lopez Lee is the author of the memoir They Only Eat Their Husbands (Conundrum Press, 2014). Her stories have appeared in such places as The Los Angeles Times, The Manifest-Station, 50-Word Stories, Rivet Journal, and Pangyrus. She has collaborated on more than twenty books, taught at Denver’s Lighthouse Writers Workshop, written for HGTV, and worked as a TV journalist. She and her husband live in Ventura, California. You can find out more at

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Meet Episode 81 Contributor Amanda Staples

Amanda is a previous contributor to the show, having been with us on Episode 77.

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Amanda lives in Bristol and has had various short stories published. She won 3rd place in the Grimsby University International Literary Competition, was published in the anthology by Hammond House, and had a story commissioned by Fantasia in the USA. She has previously been placed in a novel writing competition and is currently long listed for the National Novel Writing Competition (Jan. 2017.) Amanda has a one-act play going in to production later this year. In 2016, Amanda self-published a cook book titled Eating for Energy based on her experience of managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by diet. She has a novel out with agents and hopes to turn her passion into a career.

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Meet Episode 81 Contributor T.E. Cowell

We are pleased to welcome back T.E. Cowell, who was previously with us on Episode 79 and Episode 61.

T. E. Cowell lives in Washington state. His fiction’s been published here and there. This particular story originally appeared in Across the Margin.

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