Copy of FLASH

Happy holidays! Today we start a 3-part series where we revisit favorite moments from the show’s history. Our first repeat is Episode 6: The Microfiction Triumvirate. This episode, the shortest in the show’s history, contains only stories less than 400 words long.

In “On/Off” by Taylor Eaton, a small boy uses a magical power no one else can see. Copyright 2015 by Taylor Eaton, used with permission. Read Taylor’s bio.

In “Selkie” by Lisa Falzon, a mythical creature does not do what the myth says she will do. Copyright 2014 by Lisa Falzon, used with permission. Read Lisa’s bio.

In “Requiem: for piano” by Nancy Stohlman a man’s true love is becoming something he loves, but her transition will come between them. Previously published in “Literary Oprhans,” copyright 2012 by Nancy Stohlman, used with permission. Read Nancy’s bio.

The story featured in the commentary is “Semicolon,” by Kris Baker Dersch, copyright 2015.

You’ll hear the episode in its entirety with all-new commentary by the producer/editor.

Stay tuned for more reruns coming in December!

Happy listening,