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As I mentioned in the last episode, Episode 100 is going to be a celebration of books and writing and of where we at NEW have been and are going, so for all those reasons I hope you will tune in then. But as I am currently working on and planning Season 2 and am so excited about it, I wanted to come here and chat a little bit about where the podcast is headed in the next few weeks and months. I hope you’ll come along with us for the journey. The best way to do that is to subscribe to the podcast so you are always the first to get new episodes.

First, the basics. Season 2 is coming February 2. We will be closing out the flash fiction season and moving on to the book chat season. More on that in a minute, but some basic things to know:

  • You don’t have to subscribe again. The new season will be on the same feed as Season 1, so if you’re subscribed you will see it.
  • Nothing is going anywhere. All of Season 1’s episodes will stay right where they are and you can listen to them anytime.
  • Season 2’s first episode will show up as Episode 101 or Season 2, Episode 1, depending on your podcast player
  • The title for Season 2 is…Right Book, Right Time!

So why a format change? Simply put, it’s time. I don’t think anyone, least of all me, expected me to still be podcasting flash fiction two and a half years after launching in May 2015, but lo and behold here we are. And it has been a joy and delight to bring flash fiction to you. I met many of my goals for having a flash fiction podcast and also did things I had never expected to do. I absolutely loved it. But my life has changed, my interests continue to evolve, and it was time for something new. This is it!

Why this format, then? A lot of reasons. I was already visioning Season 2 when the Writers’ Almanac, one of my favorite podcasts, met its unexpected end in late 2017 (I would love to talk more about that at some point, but this is not the time,) so some of this format came from me asking myself: if I did a Writer’s Almanac type show, what would it look like? But before I tell you what the plan is, let’s go over quickly what it’s not.

  • It’s not meant to stress you out. Who doesn’t have a pile or list of books someplace they mean to read? Who needs more of that? We’re going to talk about books…if you’re inspired to read them, go for it, if not I hope you’ll still enjoy the journey.
  • It’s not an audio book blog. I’ve been told for years I should start a book blog. Never had the desire. There are some great ones out there and it’s well worth giving them a read especially if you’re looking for reviews on new and interesting stuff. That’s not what this is.
  • Related to that, it’s not a review show. If you want to send me your book, go for it, I’ll either read it or share it, but I will make no promises to review it. Nor do I expect you to send me your book. I have loved reading submissions for this show, but that era is coming to a close. That said, if you are reading something cool please tweet me or email me or somehow let me know…I always love to hear! I may share listener feedback on the show, so please send it…but I am not taking suggestions of what books to feature. Don’t worry. I have a list. It’s long. I won’t run out.

So what are we doing? Simply put, this is my journey with books. First and foremost as a reader, and second to that as all the other things I am: a librarian, a writer, a mom, an educator, and so on. Each episode (the plan is to release one per week, I would love to do more, we’ll see how it goes) will revolve around a book. I’ll tell you about it, about its author, interesting tidbits I’ve discovered about the book/author/time period, and its impact on the world and on me. If it’s in the public domain, I may even read a little to you. I’ll bring in culture, history, religion, politics, parenting, life…nothing is off limits. Books cover everything. Whether you read the book or not, the hope is you’ll enjoy the chat. And we are talking about all kinds of books: popular ones, obscure ones, classics, new stuff, kids’ books, adult books, and books with identity crises. Nothing is off the table. This is my love letter to readers, writers, and books. One book at a time.

Will we have guests? Likely. But this isn’t becoming an interview show. For a lot of reasons, a big one being my sanity. For me, scheduling, interviewing, and editing interviews is too time consuming and I’d rather bring you more content.

Will we have special episodes? Segments? Evolve as we go along? This also seems incredibly likely, based on my track record. I guess the only way to find out is…to listen!

I hope to catch up with you on your favorite podcast app February 2, 2018 for Season 2!

Happy listening,