About the Producer and Editor:

Kris Baker Dersch is a mom, writer, and librarian, sometimes in that order. Since her mom gave her an old typewriter on which she composed “Amy and the Ship” at age 6, she has been scribbling short stories. She once spent six months working as an organic farm worker and full-time Girl Guide in New Zealand, for which she was published in a now-defunct travel magazine and made enough money to see a movie. She also produces the podcast “Attagirl: women and girls in baseball.”


About the Podcast:

No Extra Words is podcast of great English language short stories under 2,000 words.  Stories come from all over the world. The podcast is completely free to listen or subscribe to. Stories are used with permission and all remain the property of their respective authors. Please click on the links to Get the Podcast or Submit Your Story.

Theme music is “Aria Variata” by Bach, played by Brandon Kinsella. It is in the public domain and comes to us courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

Theme music for episodes 1-27 was “Reverie (small theme),” used under Creative Commons license.