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Episode 89: Hold Hands and Stick Together

Copy of FLASH

The back to school episode is so much more than that.

It’s the lesson that’s not in the curriculum but one we all remember learning in “Read Across America.” By Jeff Bakkensen, copyright 2010, used with permission. Read Jeff’s bio.

Today’s commentary was inspired by Robert Fulgham’s All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Read an excerpt here.

The podcast mentioned is The Stoop Podcast.

Today’s writing spaces segment features Audra Kerr Brown, who first appeared on Episode 47. Click here to see her writing space. Also featured is M. Pepper Langlinais, who was first featured on Episode 34. Click here to see her writing space.

We end this episode with the childhood joy of the “Uncovered Track.” By Matt Page, copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Matt’s website.

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Final Writing Spaces for 2017 is Coming

It is hard for me to believe that we are winding down our Writing Spaces segment for 2017. It has been such a joy and delight to hear from our contributors about where they write and see their photos. Fifteen writers have shared with us their spaces, and two more will on episode 89.

I’m currently imagining what this segment will look like in 2018, as I very much want to bring it to you again. If you have feedback, please let me know.

Audra Kerr Brown was first with us on Episode 47, Mother’s Day 2016. I could spend all day looking at this photo. She’ll tell us more about all the details of her space.


M. Pepper Langlinais shared her story back on Episode 34. She’s here to tell us the story behind this space.


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Episode 87: Crack the World Open

Copy of FLASH

The world is always on the verge of exploding and reinventing itself.

“A Town Built on Salt” is on a shaky foundation indeed. By Windy Lynn Harris, copyright 2014, used with permission. This piece was originally published in Crack the Spine in April 2015, issue 147. Visit Windy’s website.

Hanako’s world is very small and carefully observed, but observers miss things in “Hanako Learns to Count.” By Sean Patrick Whiteley, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Sean’s bio.

Today’s Writing Spaces features longtime friend of the show and repeat contributor Dr. Jeffrey Toney. He was originally featured on Episode 49 and was part of Episode 82‘s drabble spectacular. Click here to see his writing space.

There are the things you see about a person, and things you don’t, especially when that person is “Watermelon.” By Lisa Ko, copyright 2015, used with permission. Read Lisa’s bio.

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Writing Spaces for Episode 87 featuring Jeffrey H. Toney

Jeffrey first appeared with us back on Episode 49 and was back in Episode 82 as one of a dozen drabbles. He will share with you the backstory of this space:


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Episode 86: Those Seams Will Never Break

Copy of FLASH

There are the ties that bind and those we run from.

Jim Szabo’s six word story is the beginning of (a beautiful?) marriage. Copyright 2014, used with permission. Read Jim’s bio or find him on the Second Hand Stories Podcast.

Five-time No Extra Words contributor Tina Tocco ponders whether you really can go home in “That Boy’s a Catch.” Copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Tina’s bio.

Writing Spaces for Episode 86 features Dallas Woodburn, who first appeared with us back on Episode 28. Click here to see her writing space. We are also featuring Sheila Good, whose story was featured on Episode 35. Click here to see her writing space.

Sometimes escape takes you away from something. Sometimes it takes you towards something. “Moira Actually” is by Adam Kluger and voiced by Bill Tush. Copyright 2016, used with permission.

People aren’t perfect, but there’s perfection in the imperfection, like when your girlfriend gets “Sweaty.” By T.E. Cowell, copyright 2017, used with permission. Read T.E.’s bio.

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Writing Spaces for Episode 86 featuring Sheila and Dallas

Sheila M. Good of the Cow Pasture Chronicles was with us back on Episode 35. This episode, she’ll share with us a little bit about her writing hideaway.


Dallas Woodburn’s story was originally featured on Episode 28 and was selected by listeners to be part of our one year anniversary 50th episode. Here she is in her writing space.


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Episode 83: Losing Sleep

Copy of FLASH

Up late wondering if they know what they are doing to memories of “My Last Husband.” By Mary J. Breen, copyright 2013, used with permission. “My Last Husband” first appeared in The Waterhouse Review in January 2013. Read Mary’s bio.

Today’s episode features a silly campfire story by Kris Baker Dersch. The three guardians of this podcast are Submissions, Promotion, who would like to introduce you to the wilds of Instagram and YouTube, and Support.

Writing spaces for Episode 83 features Steven Mayoff, who was previously with us on Episode 47 and Episode 56. Click here to see his writing space.

Our second Writing Spaces contributor is Rachel Lyon, whose work can be heard on Episode 46. Click here to see her writing space. You can also see detailed photos of the balloon, the lion, the angel, and the novel-in-progress featured in her piece.

It’s always hard to explain a dream. “I Had Children in a Dream” is by Stacy Stepanovich, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Stacy’s bio.

The Google poem featured in this episode is by Kris Baker Dersch and is the launch of our fundraising campaign on Patreon. You can view the video of the Google poetry writing technique by becoming a Patreon sponsor to the show. The poem is called “Lost Sleep” and is inspired by the stories of this episode.

We’ve all had that middle of the night feeling like it’s “Three in the Morning and You Don’t Smoke Anymore.” By Peter J. Stavros, copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Peter’s website.

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Writing Spaces for Episode 83 featuring Steven and Rachel

Writing Spaces is always a fun segment to share.

Steven Mayoff shared two stories with us last spring and summer, one for one of our Mother’s Day episodes last spring and one about his native Prince Edward Island last August. He tells us about his small but inspiring space.


Rachel Lyon shared her story of mother auditions on the other Mother’s Day episode from last spring. She shares with us the story of her writing space in Brooklyn, complete with children playing in the background.


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Episode 81: You Looking at Me?

Copy of FLASH

Do you think the cop in your rearview mirror knows you are “Tipsy?” By T.E. Cowell, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read T.E.’s bio.

Lunch with a friend teaches us that in so many ways there is a “First Time for Everything.” By Amanda Staples, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Amanda’s bio.

What’s truth and what’s fiction in “The Afternoon Sleepwalk?” By Cara Lopez Lee, copyright 2012, used with permission. Visit Cara’s website.

Back for Episode 81, Writing Spaces! Past contributors share with us where they write. First up is Charles O’Hay, who shared his poem with us back on Episode 45. Click here to see his writing space. Next up the master storyteller Eldon Reishus from Episode 71 takes us into his world. Click here to see his writing space.

Coming next episode! A two year anniversary and a jam-packed episode with 11(!) stories. Let us know what you want to know about No Extra Words history.

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