The information on this page is for writers whose work is scheduled for broadcast on the show. To become a contributor, please follow the link to Submit Your Story.

Thank you so much for allowing No Extra Words to podcast your short fiction. We value the writing of our contributors and it is our goal to ensure the best possible production for your story.

You will be given an episode number and release date. Note that these are subject to change. Several weeks before your episode’s release, you will be sent an author information and release form via email. Fill it out completely and be sure to include your author bio, including full URLs for links. For examples, check out previous Contributor Bios.

We appreciate your help with publicity!  Let your friends, followers, and fans know you will be on No Extra Words. You will be given links to the episode in which your is featured.  Don’t be afraid to link and share, and let friends know to submit their stories.

Many stories are read and recorded by the editor, but you have the option to record yourself reading your story. Please let the editor know if you plan to do this. You will be given a deadline based on production needs, and you may be asked to re-record if audio quality is insufficient. Your recording needs to be a .mp3 or .wav file. Follow these tips for the best recording quality:

  • Record in a quiet space without too much echo. Inside a parked car works well, as do bedrooms or even closets. Offices or other rooms with harder furniture and fewer soft items may have quite a bit of echo and should be avoided.
  • Try to hold your microphone as still as possible while recording. Recording into a phone is fine, but do not walk while doing so.
  • Do a microphone test and play back a short recording of yourself before reading your entire story, so you can adjust if necessary.
  • If your voice sounds distorted on playback, turn your input volume down. It is very easy to blow out your volume and this is very difficult to fix after recording.
  • Don’t worry about “ums,” “ahs,” and small stutters. Read with expression and keep going. These things are quite easy for the editor to fix.
  • All you need to do is read your story…special sound effects and music are not required. If you do choose to add extra sound, be sure that you are not using copyrighted material.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the editor if you have specific recording questions.

Thanks again.  We look forward to featuring your story.