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Meet Episode 87 Contributor Windy Lynn Harris

windy lynne harris

Windy Lynn Harris writes fiction and nonfiction from her desk in sunny Arizona. She’s the founder of Market Coaching for Creative Writers and the author of Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published (coming from Writer’s Digest Books in September). Her work has been seen in dozens of journals across the US and Canada, including The Literary Review, 34th Parallel, and The Sunlight Press. Windy is a prolific writer, a trusted mentor, and a frequent speaker at literary events. More about Windy at her website:

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Episode 86: Those Seams Will Never Break

Copy of FLASH

There are the ties that bind and those we run from.

Jim Szabo’s six word story is the beginning of (a beautiful?) marriage. Copyright 2014, used with permission. Read Jim’s bio or find him on the Second Hand Stories Podcast.

Five-time No Extra Words contributor Tina Tocco ponders whether you really can go home in “That Boy’s a Catch.” Copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Tina’s bio.

Writing Spaces for Episode 86 features Dallas Woodburn, who first appeared with us back on Episode 28. Click here to see her writing space. We are also featuring Sheila Good, whose story was featured on Episode 35. Click here to see her writing space.

Sometimes escape takes you away from something. Sometimes it takes you towards something. “Moira Actually” is by Adam Kluger and voiced by Bill Tush. Copyright 2016, used with permission.

People aren’t perfect, but there’s perfection in the imperfection, like when your girlfriend gets “Sweaty.” By T.E. Cowell, copyright 2017, used with permission. Read T.E.’s bio.

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Meet Episode 86 Voice Talent Bill Tush

We are delighted to have Bill Tush reading Adam Kluger’s story “Moira, Actually” on this episode.


Bill Tush was a cable TV legend, starting with TBS when it was still WTCG in Atlanta. In the 1980s he ran a late-night TV sketch comedy show simply called Tush, working with comedy legend Jan Hooks and others. He worked for Turner broadcasting for many years, eventually becoming senior entertainment correspondent for CNN. For a brief look at Bill’s storied career, check out this clip of the celebration of his twenty-fifth anniversary on television in 1999.

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Meet Episode 86 Contributor Adam Kluger

Adam was with us previously on Episode 33 and Episode 51.


Adam Kluger is a writer, artist and brand expert. His PR Agency, Adam Kluger Public Relations, LLC  has consistently been rated one of New York’s best PR Firms over the past decade. Kluger’s background as a respected Entertainment journalist (CNN, FOX, MSNBC & E! News) has led him to work with artists from Britney Spears, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen, and countless other celebrities, to the top Hollywood Studios and Television Networks. Kluger’s expertise in PR/branding has made him an oft-quoted media expert. Adam Kluger’s motto is “Excellence, Creativity & Integrity.” He’s shown in the picture with his publicists.

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Drabble on Instagram #3: Ode to Coffee

Today’s drabble writer is my buddy and fellow podcaster Kelly J. Covert, and she pays tribute to something sacred to us all. Find Kelly on Instagram or head over to her website to check out her amazing podcast.

Click on the photo to hear the story. Click here to learn how you can play, too!

Ode to Coffee.png

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Writing Spaces for Episode 86 featuring Sheila and Dallas

Sheila M. Good of the Cow Pasture Chronicles was with us back on Episode 35. This episode, she’ll share with us a little bit about her writing hideaway.


Dallas Woodburn’s story was originally featured on Episode 28 and was selected by listeners to be part of our one year anniversary 50th episode. Here she is in her writing space.


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Meet Episode 86 Contributor Jim Szabo

If you haven’t heard my conversation with Jim on Special #14, go have a listen. In this piece, he takes microfiction to its limits…can’t wait for you to hear.

Jim Szabo is a software engineer by day and producer of the Second Hand Stories fiction podcast by night. On Second Hand Stories, Jim and contributors narrate short stories between 2,000 and 5,000 words. Currently, his writing abilities are maxed out in the six-word-story format but he’s trying to improve. Jim prefers editing other people’s stories to writing his own because he finds that it’s much easier. You can find Second Hand Stories at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Meet Episode 86 Contributor T. E. Cowell

All of our contributors this episode are old friends of the show. T. E. Cowell was with us previously on Episode 61, Episode 79, and Episode 81. He has a fifth piece forthcoming with us this fall.

T. E. Cowell lives in Washington state. His fiction’s been published here and there. This particular story originally appeared in Across the Margin.

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Meet Episode 86 Contributor Tina Tocco

Tina was our first ever repeat contributor to the show, so it seems only appropriate that she become our first (but not last) five-time contributor. She was previously with us on Episode 19, Episode 23, Episode 65, and Episode 68. All her previous contributions have fallen into the microfiction category, so this episode’s story, which topped 1,000 words, may be longer than all of those put together. I always thoroughly enjoy featuring Tina’s voice on the show.

Tina Tocco’s flash fiction has appeared in Roanoke Review, Potomac Review, River Styx, Crab Creek Review, Harpur Palate, Passages North, Portland Review, Italian Americana, and other journals. Her work for young readers can be found in various magazines, including Highlights, Cricket, Spider, Humpty Dumpty, and Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids. Tina was a finalist in CALYX’s Flash Fiction Contest (2013), the 3rd Place Winner in The Southampton Review’s Short, Short Fiction Contest (2015), and an honorable mention in the River Styx Schlafly Beer Micro-Brew Micro-Fiction Contest (2015). Her interview on flash and the craft of writing, “No Wasted Words,” appears in Roanoke Review. Tina earned her MFA in creative writing from Manhattanville College, where she was editor-in-chief of Inkwell.

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