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WANTED: Your Funny and Light Stories

UPDATE 11/4/15: Our holiday season production schedule is complete. Thank you for your submissions.

We are currently scheduling stories for the holiday season, can you imagine?

Yep, it’s August, and the kids in my neighborhood are hardcore resisting the Back to School sales, but in the world of No Extra Words, we are scheduling stories for November and December episodes.  Can you believe it?

This is a GREAT THING!  This means we have had fabulous submissions and that the upcoming episodes (which will be EVERY WEEK) are filled with fantastic short fiction by a very talented group of contributors.  But it also means my mind is in holiday mode.

And here’s the thing: we need some fun, funny, light, and family-friendly stories for the holiday season.

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE the heavy and dark.  And you have a LOT of it coming.  But it’s not the thing for December, know what I mean?  Also our format for the holiday shows requires light and family friendly fare (that’s a teaser, you’ll have to wait and see what’s coming.)

Please don’t stop sending your angsty, dark, spooky, and futuristic stories.  They are amazing and I look forward to airing them.  But what I need right now is the fantastic, the light, the whimsical.  And no, it does not have to be holiday related (although it can be, and that doesn’t just mean Christmas.)  Follow the link and Submit Your Story (please put “submission” in the subject line still, if you want to tag it funny and light as well, feel free.)

So please, fill my inbox with stories for December, and whatever you do, keep on listening because I’m not kidding folks, there’s some GREAT stuff on the way.

Happy writing!



Episode 7: Love and Heartbreak in the 21st Century

Click here for full episode

In “The Frog Prince,” three frogs watch from a lily pad while the princess conducts her happily ever after search on Twitter.  They remain passive observers until she decides to turn to an old story for help.  By Lucy Mitchell, copyright 2015, used with permission.  Find more about Lucy and her writing at

In “The 18 Facebook Statuses of a Relationship,” we follow the relationship of Jen Smith the way most of us do these days – vicariously through her facebook page.  By Kris Baker Dersch, copyright 2015, all rights reserved.

Reminder: our current Challenge to the Listeners is ongoing!  Write your up to 500 word short story on the Lenin statue for your chance to be featured on episode 8 of the podcast, coming August 19.

Meet Episode 7 Contributor Lucy Mitchell!

Episode 7 is all about light and funny and Lucy does that better than anyone.  So looking forward to featuring her fractured fairy tale. Lucy Mitchell is the author of the writing blog Blondewritemore, which gives an alternative and funny view on being a writer. She enjoys writing humorous short stories and watching people smile as they read them. Find her at Happy reading! Kris

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