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Episode 96: Curmudgeons and Incorrigibles Revisited

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The second in a three part series of reruns celebrating No Extra Words history…because if you don’t know your No Extra Words history you are doomed to repeat it. Today we revisit Episode 51: Curmudgeons and Incorrigibles.

Witness the creative destruction of “A New Heart.” By Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois, copyright 2015, used with permission. Read his bio.

Grocery clerks are always the ones who hear your rants in “Blu-Ray/DVD.” By Daniel Maluka, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read his bio.

At what point do you get to call out the ridiculous? “Dean’s Dilemma” is by Paul Beckman, copyright 2015, used with permission. Read his bio.

Did you ever wonder who is reading your submissions? After “The Party,” will you wonder if it had remained a mystery. Written and produced by Adam Kluger, copyright 2016, used with permission. Featuring the voice work of Aesha Waks. Read Adam’s bio.

One more rerun is coming in 2 weeks…see you then!

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Special #18: The NaNoWriMo Detox Special

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After sharing with you my prep work for this year’s madcap novel writing adventure, I had to pop back in and tell you how it went and what happened.

My goal tracker did change over the month. Here’s the original version, here’s my midmonth edit, and here’s what it looked like on the day that I finished.

Here are some highlights from my Instagram story the day of the Great Train write-in:















Enjoy the day!


Episode 95: A Microfiction Triumvirate Revisited

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Happy holidays! Today we start a 3-part series where we revisit favorite moments from the show’s history. Our first repeat is Episode 6: The Microfiction Triumvirate. This episode, the shortest in the show’s history, contains only stories less than 400 words long.

In “On/Off” by Taylor Eaton, a small boy uses a magical power no one else can see. Copyright 2015 by Taylor Eaton, used with permission. Read Taylor’s bio.

In “Selkie” by Lisa Falzon, a mythical creature does not do what the myth says she will do. Copyright 2014 by Lisa Falzon, used with permission. Read Lisa’s bio.

In “Requiem: for piano” by Nancy Stohlman a man’s true love is becoming something he loves, but her transition will come between them. Previously published in “Literary Oprhans,” copyright 2012 by Nancy Stohlman, used with permission. Read Nancy’s bio.

The story featured in the commentary is “Semicolon,” by Kris Baker Dersch, copyright 2015.

You’ll hear the episode in its entirety with all-new commentary by the producer/editor.

Stay tuned for more reruns coming in December!

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Episode 94: Too Late?

Copy of FLASH

Timing is everything.

The “Laundromat” is not what you expected. By Paul Rousseau, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Paul’s bio.

Things look different from the “Beyond.” By Francis DiClemente, copyright 2015, used with permission. Originally published in The Siren’s Call, issue #24, December 2015. Visit Francis’s website.

The third part of our three-part NaNoWriMo segment. Are you writing? How? Be my buddy!

is there just one story of how “He Died?” By A. Elizabeth Herting, copyright 2017, used with permission. Originally published in Literally Stories in June 2017. Visit A. Elizabeth’s website.

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Meet Episode 94 Contributor Francis DiClemente

Francis is making his third contribution to the show, having been with us previously on Episode 39 and Special Episode #5, the first baseball episode.

Francis DiClemente is the author of four poetry collections, most recently Sidewalk Stories (Kelsay Books, 2017). He lives in Syracuse, New York, and his blog can be found at

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Meet Episode 94 Contributor A. Elizabeth Herting


A. Elizabeth Herting is an aspiring freelance writer and busy mother of three living in colorful Colorado. She has had short stories featured in Bewildering Stories, Cafe Aphra, Dark Fire Fiction, Edify Fiction, Every Day Fiction, Fictive Dream, 50-Word Stories, Friday Fiction, Literally Stories, New Realm, Peacock Journal, Pilcrow&Dagger, Quail Bell Magazine, Speculative 66, Storyteller, The Flash Fiction Press and Under the Bed. She has also published non-fiction work in Denver Pieces Magazine and bioStories, and completed a novel called Wet Birds Don’t Fly at Night. More at:, or @AmyHerting

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Meet Episode 94 Contributor Paul Rousseau

Paul was previously with us on Episode 67, Episode 78, and most recently with a piece of nonfiction on Episode 91. We are pleased to welcome him back to the show.

Paul Rousseau is a physician and writer, mainly published in medical journals but making inroads into non medical publications. Never a novelist, just an essayist with an occasional poem. He is a devout dog lover, and partner to his three dogs.

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Episode 93: Scary Stories of a Different Sort

Copy of FLASH

Happy Halloween, No Extra Words style!

Caught by cops will never feel the same after you’ve had a little “Night Vision.” By Michael Anthony, copyright 2017, used with permission. Read Michael’s bio.

For our segment today, Part 2 of my NaNoWriMo prep journey. Click here to see the spreadsheet I’ve created to help me track my word goals.

You probably wouldn’t want your significant other to try “The Experiment” on you. By T.E. Cowell, copyright 2015, used with permission. Previously published in Eunoia Review, 2015. Read T.E.’s bio.

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Meet Episode 93 Contributor Michael Anthony


Michael Anthony is a writer and artist living in New Jersey. He has published fiction, poetry, and illustrations in literary journals and commercial magazines. Most recently these include L’Éphémère Review, Second Hand Stories Podcast, Route 7 Review, The Write Place At The Write Time, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Bull & Cross. The American Labor Museum exhibited Michael’s photojournalism essay on the waning of the textile industry.

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