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January 2017

Meet Episode 74 Contributor Paul Beckman

Paul is making his third appearance on the show, having previously appeared on Episode 51 and Episode 23. As I say on the show, I was a fan of Paul’s before I ever had a show, so I’m always delighted when I get to share his fiction with you, this time the short story “Healing Time.”


Paul Beckman’s story “Healing Time” was one of the winners of the Best Small Fictions 2016. His story “Columbia Market” was nominated for Best Small Fictions 2017 and a Pushcart Prize.

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New Show Segment Coming to Episode 74: Sarah and Edith’s Writing Spaces

I am so thrilled to debut a new segment on this coming Friday’s episode! Past No Extra Words Contributors are going to tell you, in their own words and in their own voices, where they write.

Sarah Mitchell-Jackson is a regular around here. Her short fiction was featured on Episode 39 and Episode 67. She was also a Contributor Appreciation Month winner a year ago, complete with an interview feature on Special Episode #5. She’ll tell us about her writing space (a library!) this week, and if you listen closely you may hear her children, including her 9 week old son, in the background. Congrats to Sarah! This is her writing space:


Edith Gallagher Boyd’s short story, “The Opening,” was featured on Episode 54. Spoiler alert: another Writing Spaces segment featuring one of her fellow Episode 54 contributors is on its way soon. Edith tells us about her fairly new writing space this week:


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Meet Episode 74 Contributor Fred D. White

Fred White’s fiction has appeared in many print and online periodicals, most recently in Praxis Literary Journal, Limestone, Foliate Oak, Aphelion, Five 2 One, and Atticus Review. He is also the author of The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus (Writer’s Digest Books, 2014) and other books on writing. A professor of English emeritus (Santa Clara University), he lives near Sacramento, CA.

Be sure to check out the Facebook Page for The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus.

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Meet Episode 74 Contributor Thom Young

Thom Young is a writer from Texas. His work has been in Poetry Quarterly, The Commonline Journal, 3am magazine, Crack the Spine, Word Riot, 48th Street Press, and many other places. He is 2016 Pushcart Prize Nominee.

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Episode 73: The Superiority of Rigid Categorization

Copy of FLASH

When I released our non-Election Day Election Day episode in November, I did not expect to be doing a non-Inauguration Day Inauguration Day Episode, but here goes.

“Guinivere Tries a New Kind of In-Vitro” is one of those stories that is better when you don’t try to describe it, so I’m going to let it speak for itself. It is by Dina Greenberg, copyright 2016, used with permission. I just saw a play in which they go a little bit into the legend of Cerridwen, mentioned in the story. If you don’t know the reference, it is a wonderful tale of Welsh mythology and you should read more about it. Also, visit Dina’s website.

Ever wonder who decided which books get read and what becomes canon? It was decided in the “Blood Feud: Melville vs. Hawthorne.” By James Bezerra, copyright 2015, used with permission. Visit James’s website.

Today’s show closes with the reading of an important historical document, inspired by my friend tweeting government documents to the President Elect. Check out her Twitter feed.

And hey, while you’re hanging out over there, follow us! Special episode as soon as we hit 1,000 followers!

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Meet Episode 73 Contributor James Bezerra

Bezerra Author Pic.JPG

James Bezerra is a writer and MFA student in Portland Oregon. His work has been published in Chaparral, The Bicycle Review, Citizen Brooklyn, and elsewhere. He is a recipient of The Northridge Review Fiction Award, The Oliver W. Evans Writing Prize, and was a 2016 artist-in-residence with the Angeles National Forest. He blogs at

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Meet Episode 73 Contributor Dina Greenberg

DG_Close up.jpeg

Dina Greenberg’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Bellevue Literary Review, Gemini Magazine, The Warwick Review, Existere, Tahoma Literary Review, Profane, and Barely South, among others. Dina earned her MFA in fiction from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she served as managing editor for the literary journal Chautauqua. She leads creative writing workshops at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC. Visit to learn more about her work.

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Special Episode #9: Just Enough to Make a Podcast

Copy of Special Episode.png

Our special guest for today explains our unexpected three week hiatus. We appreciate all our listeners and followers and are glad to be back.

As we look to the future of the No Extra Words Podcast, we want to hear what you think. What segments would you like to see? What is missing from our show? Contact us at or find all our social media on our website

For today’s short story, I share the folk tale “The Tailor” or “Just Enough,” a Jewish folk tale of Russian origin. The version I share is my own adaptation of the story.

We will see you January 20, if not sooner, with a brand-new episode.

A Note to Contributors and Those Waiting to Hear About Submissions:

We will be in touch with you this week once we complete our revised publishing calendar. We apologize for the delay getting in touch with you.

Happy New Year!


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