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Episode 84: Life After Death

Copy of FLASH

Not what you think. This is what happens to the living that the dead don’t have to deal with.

“The Adequate News Report” gives us just the facts, and just the end. As in all good microfiction, you get to come up with the beginning. By Dan Seiters, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Dan’s bio.

Paul and Emma have had “A Death in the Family,” and someone has to decide how they tell. By Amanda Staples, copyright 2017, used with permission. Read Amanda’s bio.

No new announcements on today’s episode, but definitely think about contributing your 100 word story to our Instagram challenge and check out how you can support the show. Supporters also get a behind the scenes look at how I used Google to create poems like the one featured on today’s episode “What Happens After Death?”

Dealing with Grandma’s death is one thing. Getting Grandma to her final resting place is something different in “The Ministry.” By Niles M. Reddick, copyright 2014, used with permission. Visit Niles’s website.

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Drabble on Instagram #2

The second installment in our Instagram challenge series. One minute. One story. One hundred words. Click the photo to hear it. Click here to find out how you can participate.


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Episode 83: Losing Sleep

Copy of FLASH

Up late wondering if they know what they are doing to memories of “My Last Husband.” By Mary J. Breen, copyright 2013, used with permission. “My Last Husband” first appeared in The Waterhouse Review in January 2013. Read Mary’s bio.

Today’s episode features a silly campfire story by Kris Baker Dersch. The three guardians of this podcast are Submissions, Promotion, who would like to introduce you to the wilds of Instagram and YouTube, and Support.

Writing spaces for Episode 83 features Steven Mayoff, who was previously with us on Episode 47 and Episode 56. Click here to see his writing space.

Our second Writing Spaces contributor is Rachel Lyon, whose work can be heard on Episode 46. Click here to see her writing space. You can also see detailed photos of the balloon, the lion, the angel, and the novel-in-progress featured in her piece.

It’s always hard to explain a dream. “I Had Children in a Dream” is by Stacy Stepanovich, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Stacy’s bio.

The Google poem featured in this episode is by Kris Baker Dersch and is the launch of our fundraising campaign on Patreon. You can view the video of the Google poetry writing technique by becoming a Patreon sponsor to the show. The poem is called “Lost Sleep” and is inspired by the stories of this episode.

We’ve all had that middle of the night feeling like it’s “Three in the Morning and You Don’t Smoke Anymore.” By Peter J. Stavros, copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Peter’s website.

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Episode 82: Drabbles, a Podcastiversary, and Katharine Grubb of the 10 Minute Novelists

Copy of FLASH

It’s our two year podcastiversary! This jam-packed episode honors the short form of the drabble, a story of exactly 100 words.

All 12 of today’s stories were part of the Apples to Apples Drabble contest put on by Katharine Grubb at the 10 Minute Novelists blog. Katharine herself stops by on this episode to talk writing, the contest, and the 10 Minute Novelists facebook group. We are grateful to Katharine and the 10 Minute Novelists for being part of this special episode. Read Katharine’s bio. Read the bios of today’s contributors here, here, and here.

All of the stories featured on this episode are copyright 2017. All are used with permission and remain the intellectual property of their creators.

The blog post I spoke about in my interview with Katharine is on the Blonde Write More blog.

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Special Episode #13: Mother’s Day 2017


A little history of the No Extra Words podcast and a story I really want to share with all of you.

“Mother’s Day in the NICU,” by Kris Baker Dersch, is copyright 2015. I shared the true story from this time in my own life on the New Parent podcast back in April. This is the fictionalized version.

Happy listening and happy Mother’s Day,


Episode 81: You Looking at Me?

Copy of FLASH

Do you think the cop in your rearview mirror knows you are “Tipsy?” By T.E. Cowell, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read T.E.’s bio.

Lunch with a friend teaches us that in so many ways there is a “First Time for Everything.” By Amanda Staples, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Amanda’s bio.

What’s truth and what’s fiction in “The Afternoon Sleepwalk?” By Cara Lopez Lee, copyright 2012, used with permission. Visit Cara’s website.

Back for Episode 81, Writing Spaces! Past contributors share with us where they write. First up is Charles O’Hay, who shared his poem with us back on Episode 45. Click here to see his writing space. Next up the master storyteller Eldon Reishus from Episode 71 takes us into his world. Click here to see his writing space.

Coming next episode! A two year anniversary and a jam-packed episode with 11(!) stories. Let us know what you want to know about No Extra Words history.

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Episode 80: No Matter Where I Am and No Matter When I Am

Copy of FLASH

Everyone’s on some kind of a journey today.

No border wall could ever keep out the “Dust.” By Patty Somlo, copyright 2009, used with permission. Visit Patty’s website.

Episode 67 contributor and poet Anuja Ghimire is our guest on the Poets’ Corner today. Born in Kathmandu and always seeming to visit her homeland in periods of great tumult, she tells us how poetry and place entwine in her life and shares with us some poetry. Read Anuja’s bio.

A brief encounter reveals so much of “The Fishermen of Dragon-Tooth Beach.” By Michael Paul Hogan, copyright 2001, used with permission. Read Michael’s bio.

Not all journeys are long or grand. Sometimes it’s the small distances that mean the most, like the search for the “Thrush.” By Norbert Kovacs, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Norbert’s bio.

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Episode 79: Poetry Month Field Trip

Copy of FLASH

For those who love books, they become almost human beings standing there in their “Dust Jackets.” By Samantha Dutton, copyright 2015, used with permission. Read Samantha’s bio.

Some things just cannot be escaped, especially “The Curse of the Virgin.” By Richard Sensenbrenner, copyright 1992, used with permission. Read Richard’s bio.

In the first ever installment of our Poet’s Corner segment, Kelli Russell Agodon invites me into her office where she shares poetry and we discuss poetry, small presses, and the importance of finding your voice. Visit Kelli’s website or the website for Two Sylvias Press.

Leaving the ferry dock:IMG_0009

View from the ferry upper deck:IMG_0008

In Kelli’s office: a typewriter! Very close to what I use at home.IMG_0013

View of the ferry dock and Sound from Kelli’s window:IMG_0012

All editors are the same, such sticklers about reading the “Guidelines.” by T.E. Cowell, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read T.E.’s bio.

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Special Episode #12: Baseball Opening Day 2017

Special Episode

A literary celebration of a national pastime.

Come with Shawn Aveningo Sanders for “One Final Inning in St. Louis.” Copyright 2011, used with permission. Visit Shawn’s website.

Susan Vollenweider was with us back on Special Episode #3. She is back with a special guest telling us how she came to know “Baseball: My Way.” Copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Susan’s website.

Niles Reddick’s famous name has him throwing out a “First Pitch.” Copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Niles’s website.

In a brand-new segment, we are diving into the archives to bring back Angela Lombardo’s story from last year’s baseball opening day special…a gift for you Cubs fans. Copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Angela’s bio.

Most of us had someone who helped us learn to love the game. In Bill McStowe’s story, it’s “Astrid from Sweden.” Copyright 2017, used with permission. Check out Bill’s previous contribution to No Extra Words and visit his website.

You never know what will help you in this game. Carolyn Martin tells us why “It’s Good I’m Slow.” Copyright 2011, used with permission. Read Carolyn’s bio.

Stay tuned to the end of this episode to hear about Attagirl: your women and girls in baseball podcast. Visit the website or find Attagirl in your favorite podcast app.

Happy baseball season!


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