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The Scoop on Contributor Appreciation Month

Since No Extra Words was launched officially as a podcast on May 29, 41 different writers have shared their talents as author-contributors to the show. Between now and the end of March, another 40 writers have work scheduled to appear on the show. As a non-paying market, the only thing that brings this wonderful work to us is the generosity of these writers and their willingness to share. We want to honor that.

January 2016 will be Contributor Appreciation Month here at the No Extra Words podcast. For each episode released in January, a randomly chosen contributor will be honored with prizes courtesy of our wonderful sponsor,, your source for the best serialized literature on the web. It is the least we can do to honor those who make us who we are.

Our contributors have been notified by email of this contest, but in case we missed you or if anyone would like to review the contest rules, here is a link to the .pdf. If you have not yet had a chance to be a contributor, your chance is coming when we reopen to submissions in January.

With heartfelt gratitude to our community of listeners and contributors and to our sponosor, Channillo, please stop by and check them out,


Episode 23: Thankful? – a true heart never came from anything more than ashes

Click here for full episode.

This is a four story episode that really splits nicely into two sections, but the overall theme is “resilience.”

Part 1 is about gratitude when times are tough. In “A House Burning,” an out of control fire also proves cleansing. By Matthew Keefer, copyright 2015, used with permission. Visit Matt’s website here.

In “Chipped,” a neighborhood has seen its share of tough times and is shabby compared to the well-off neighbors. By Tina Tocco, copyright 2004, used with permission. Read more about Tina here.

Part 2 is about those tough family relationships that can be the best and worst parts of this and all seasons. “Granny” examines that moment that comes to many of us when dealing with an elderly relative with dementia. By Julie Christine Johnson, copyright 2015, used with permission. Visit Julie’s website here.

“Meyer’s Rebellion” ends this episode on a lighter note, as a man leaving his wife of 46 years has some reassuring news for her. By Paul Beckman, copyright 2015, used with permission. Visit Paul’s website here.

Our theme music is “Reverie: small theme” by _ghost and is used with our thanks under a Creative Commons license.

Would love to hear what you think! Let us know how this episode impacted your Thanksgiving holiday and we will see you in December for our Christmas Serial specials!

Happy listening,


Thanks, Podcasting

I never knew when I started the podcast what a powerful medium this really is. Our wonderful podcast host Libsyn has asked podcasters to record a short bit of audio to thank podcasting as Thanksgiving fast approaches. Here is our thanks from No Extra Words to podcasting.

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