Please note revised deadline.

In the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle stands a statue of Vladimir Lenin.  Read more about it here.

As mentioned in that article, this statue was rescued from Poland after the Iron Curtain came down and was relocated to Seattle.  Displaying it is controversial.

It may be a bad comparison to mention the Confederate flag here or any other kind of symbol, but in light of that ongoing discussion and of a story coming to you in Episode 8 of No Extra Words, Lenin is again on my mind, and here is my challenge to you.

Write a story about how this makes you feel.

Note the word “story.”  I am not looking for commentary, whether or not you like it, what your political opinion is of it.  Those things are important, but that is not your job here.

Tell me a story.  Give it a narrative arc.  Give it plot points.  Show me how you feel rather than telling me.

I will try to feature a few of these responses in Episode 8 alongside a fascinating story about just this issue.

Limit: 500 words (no minimum)

Deadline: August 13

Send to, leave it on the Listener Feedback line (425) 686-9495, put in the comments or use the Facebook or Twitter links to your left.

Happy writing!