Special Episode

A celebration of the National Pastime, flash fiction style.

In “The Game of His Life,” the life of a ballplayer turns on this one important game. By Jeff Dupuis, copyright 2016, used with permission. Read Jeff’s bio or hear his previous contribution to the show.

As with all our April episodes, this one contains a poem. “Minors”  is a great tribute to minor league baseball in all its glory. By Francis DiClemente, copyright 2012, used with permission. This piece was originally published in his poetry chapbook Pursuit of Infinity (Finishing Line Press.) Visit Francis’ website or hear his previous contribution to the show.

There is a special pleasure and a special pain to being a Cubs fan. Angela Lombardo has been there in “1969 All Over Again.” Copyright 2016, used with permission. Visit Angela’s website, where she shares her fabulous work as a cartoonist.

“Spring Tryouts” is the story of one baseball player with more heart than talent. By Eddie Snipes, copyright 2009, used with permission. Visit Eddie’s website.

This episode also introduces the podcast “Attagirl: women and girls in baseball.” Find Attagirl in iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app or check out the community on Facebook.

It was a real pleasure to put together this special episode to commemorate a special day. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy listening and happy baseball season,