Of Scottish-Norwegian parentage, Eivind was born, and lives in, Scotland. After spending most of his life teaching history and politics, he returned to his first love, writing. His story was previously published in the anthology Nano2ales by Franc Roddam (director of the movie Quadrophenia), and was one of the winners of a Guardian (UK) competition. A distillation of a year spent in Brighton, it was inspired by the novel he was working on at the time, The Man Who Would Do Nothing Twice. For more on that wonderful year, Googling “Walk A Pavement Once Again” will take you to the blog he wrote for the Brighton Argus’s on-line edition. His first novel, Cries from the Marianas Trench, isn’t set in the Pacific Ocean, but in North Berwick, a small Scottish seaside town. Parts of Cries have been published in an anthology of prize-winning short fiction, Story.Book (ed. Amy Burns), and in Glasgow’s West Coast magazine. He’s a sometime user of Twitter, where you’ll find him beside Brighton beach.

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