UPDATE: LAST DAY to vote and send feedback is Friday, April 29. Click on the picture to participate.

Our June 1 episode promises to be a big one. It will mark our 50th regular episode AND our birthday! No Extra Words released its first episode on May 29, 2015.

To celebrate, our June 1 episode will feature the best of our archives, with stories chosen by you, the listeners, as well as new content and your feedback.

To do all  that I need your help. CLICK ON THE PICTURE to vote and send feedback. As always, we won’t spam you or collect your email address, and you can even be anonymous. Check below for the list of stories nominated, or select any story you like from our archives. And don’t forget to tune in June 1 for this very special celebration of the podcast, our listeners, and flash fiction.


You don’t have to listen to all to vote, but the great thing about our show is its brevity. If you listen to every episode on this list it will take just about 2 hours…and what a delightful way to spend 2 hours.

“A Parable on the Challenge of Being an Unpublished Writer” by Tom Farr (Episode 4)

“On/Off” by Taylor Eaton (Episode 6)

“The Frog Prince” by Lucy Mitchell (Episode 7)

“Mama Said” by Brett Vickers (Episode 19)

“Chipped” by Tina Tocco (Episode 23)

“How My Parents Fell in Love” by Dallas Woodburn (Episode 28)

“The Thing That Lives Inside My Closet” by Brandon Madden (Episode 29)

“Grow Jesus” by Gabe Congdon (Episode 30)

“Our Kind of Town” by Adam Kluger (Episode 33)

“Live Action Regret” by Cynthia Romanowski (Episode 41)

Happy listening!